Posted by: Jas | December 28, 2012

Tis’ the season to be jolly.

A collection of Instagram photos over this festive period.

Countdown-board on the ward.

Our very first humble little xmas tree.

One of the many presents that the bf received from his students. Awesome drawing!

Attended the bf’s school’s Christmas function, where he performed with another colleague on stage.

My self-created e-card ;p

Thought about this for months before I finally made the plunge; I decided that it would be a reward for getting the job I wanted for next year, and it should satisfy my lust for a Bal bag for now, lol :) Thankfully I found a forwarding company that had reasonable shipping prices, so I paid only about $20 on top of the actual price of the item.

Working on Christmas day = 30% doing actual work + 50% eating chocolates + 20% going around the ward taking photos/having random chats/noticing random stuff (I’m sure people who write ‘pussy tonsils’ do not realise how bad it looks when written).

Boxing day lunch party at the Montgomery house. Kudos to John for organising & preparing this vintage suitcase for our Kris Kringle gifts!

I hope everyone’s had a good year. May 2013 be an even better one! :)


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