Posted by: Jas | February 15, 2013

A new chapter.

I wanted to start off by apologising for neglecting this space, but really, I don’t know who actually reads my blog, haha.

So the work year started 2 weeks ago and I’m enjoying being back in ED. To be honest, I still feel awkward introducing myself as a registrar. I think I’m worried about the associated expectation that others will have, I’m worried that I’m still not good enough (of course, when are we ever good enough?). However, I must say that I have gotten more prompt/positive responses from specialty registrars, haha.

I was actually quite nervous on the first day, because the consultant who was on was someone I hadn’t worked with before. Of course, my fears were unfounded as she was really nice and gave me heaps of encouragement. You would never guess what happened to me when I saw my first patient of the day – I got punched in the jaw! He was psychotic, and I was trying to examine his hand wounds as he had punched his hands into windows. I think I am too naive and trusting, haha. I honestly didn’t find him threatening and I was more surprised than anything else. Luckily I wasn’t hurt. I need to learn to be more careful next time!

On the second day I got asked to help a HMO with a paed IV bung. It’s nice to be able to help and teach the juniors! Fast track shifts have been good learning in terms of orthopaedic and plastics stuff; did my first femoral nerve block as well (although the patient didn’t seem to get much relief from it, oops). Being the rover and helping with the Cat 2s gave me the opportunity to think on my feet, and to learn how to multi-task and prioritise.

Looking back on my HMO2 year, the first part probably didn’t benefit my learning by much. On one hand, it was great that I had some medical specialty exposure; but on the other hand, having not received much feedback meant that I had no idea whether I was doing things right or not. The 2 weeks of ED in the country were good in the sense that I saw a wide variety of cases and had more hands-on, and it helped point me towards the direction of my future career. The 5 weeks of nights were essentially a holiday; it was so quiet we slept 6h on most nights. Well, on hindsight it was probably an easy progression from an intern to a HMO.

Then came an awesome 10-week ED rotation. Loved every bit of it, and like I’ve said multiple times, I was really lucky to be there during the time of job applications. So thankful to have been offered the job for this year. O&G wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but at least now I’m more familiar with common conditions in pregnancy (eg pre-eclampsia), I’m more comfortable doing speculum examinations, and if I really have to I can probably help deliver a baby in an emergency. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t enjoy my paeds rotation as much as I thought I would, but better to know now than later. It was a steep learning curve, but I’m glad it has given me the confidence to deal with children and also the chance to practise some IV cannulation and basic neonatal resuscitation.

On the personal front, the bf of 79 months has popped the question and I said yes :) Thank you for all your love and patience, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you!


2013 has been great so far. I’m so so so happy that I got off to an awesome start in both work and personal life. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings! :)



  1. I came across your blog during med school and still read it from time to time. Congrats on the engagement and on ED reg-ing!
    – Winnie :)

    • Hi Winnie! Thank you, hope you are doing well too :)

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