Posted by: Jas | June 22, 2013


Every year I struggle with what to do with my annual leave. On one hand I would love to come home to spend time with family and friends; on the other hand I would also love to see the rest of the world. This time, I have elected to spend 10 days in Singapore, and then 3 weeks in Europe with the immediate family and the fiance. I also have the added ‘burden’ of having to study for my exams which are about 8 weeks away. Well, actually I had planned for the trip before I planned to sit the exams (thought of sitting the 2014.1 but I had put in more effort than expected and feel ready to sit now), so I’m just going to try to balance things out and see how I go. That being said, the MCQs already cost me $1380, and it would be an additional $900+ if I make it to the vivas, so I’m really trying my best!

Have achieved quite a fair bit in the last week. Essentially my daily routine would be to get up at 9-10am, surf the net, work through about 200 MCQs, do some leisure reading (yes I have permitted myself a book or two just because it’s the holidays. I last read a book in Feb, boo), dinner with family or friends, then read through 1 viva before I go to bed at 1-2am.

As always, I’m thankful to my dearest friends who never fail to make time for me when I’m back. Caught up with the JC mates, the uni mates, Fi & Nico. It was great seeing all of you :) For those who couldn’t make it, hope you have been well and I’ll catch you the next time!

Other random things that I have done:

– Visited Gardens by the Bay.


– Went for a family photoshoot again now that both my sisters have graduated.


– Wandered around town one arvo and indulged in the GSS spirit. Managed to exert some self discipline and only bought a top from H&M to wear under my scrubs and some hair ties. Saving the pennies for Europe!

– Managed 3 runs (3.5km, 5.5km, 5.2km) despite the heat/humidity/haze. I guess I won’t be exercising for the next 3 weeks so hopefully it won’t be too much of a drag to resume running once I go back to the Melbourne winter.

– Lunch with grandma and her friends. It was nice to be able to spend some time with her, and heartening to see how well she is being looked after :’)

– Helped my aunt at her workplace and earned some pocket money. In fact, it was a slack job and I spent most of the time doing my MCQs.

– First-hand experience at a 30min train delay. I can accept it if I have to wait because of overcrowding, but trains never used to break down that often did they?!

– Ate all sorts of stuff: home-cooked food, hawker fare, new restaurants. Thank you friends for bringing me to new places! :D


So excited about Europe! It’s a destination I’ve dreamed of for years, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint :) Will update on my travels when I’m back, tata for now!


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