Posted by: Jas | December 30, 2013

2013 in review.

It’s been 6 months since I last blogged. I don’t know why I don’t have the motivation to blog these days.

Well, another year is coming to an end, and I must say, 2013 has been a fabulous year for me.

On the personal front:

  • I got engaged to the man with whom I would spend the rest of my life :)
  • We bought a house, finally a place to call our own.
  • Fulfilled one of my travel dreams and visited a few major cities in Europe.


  • Bought my first Balenciaga bag & first pair of Ferragamo shoes, strangely enough, in the same colour. I say ‘first’ but I don’t know if they will also be my ‘last’ given that I’ve contemplated for a long time before deciding to splurge (and only because it was cheaper in Europe). To be honest I never thought I would buy the bag in Bleu Tropical; I thought I would go for the conservative black/grey. I was attracted to the Rose Corail but already have a Fossil bag in pink. Was flipping through the book of colour swatches when the sales assistant brought out the Bleu Tropical with G12 silver hardware, and I was sold. The shoes were a lucky find. There weren’t any in my size on sale until I found a pair at the very last minute at the airport prior to departing from Rome. I was intending to buy a pair of red/maroon shoes, but for 30% off I was happy to settle for the turquoise.



  • Kept myself healthy. Been running 1-2x per week unless the weather didn’t permit, and recently I’ve discovered a free yoga app (yogify) which I’ve used on the days I didn’t manage to run. Finally pushed myself and completed 10km earlier this month. Also finished the year with a 11km run.

Nike Run

  • Post-exam life has been filled with lots of leisure reading and TVB drama serials (namely On Call 36h II and Triumph in the Skies I).

On the career front:

  • As much as I bitch about work sometimes, I do enjoy what I’m doing.
  • Consolidated old knowledge and learnt some new skills (eg inserting an arterial line, removing foreign bodies from the eye).
  • Passed the primary exams in one go, yay!

Here’s to another wonderful year ahead in 2014!


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