A lil bit about me

Graduand of Monash University, Class of 2010.

I love my family, my boyfriend, my cat, and my friends.

London Bridge


(Decided not to put up any pictures of my friends, lest anyone think that they are less important than others, haha)

I also love the beach, sunshine, sunrise, sunset, laughter, and rainbows after the rain.
Sunset along Big Buddha Beach

Outside of medicine, I enjoy listening to/making music, taking pictures, reading (especially crime fiction), swimming, playing tennis, eating, and just lazing around the house doing nothing. Above all, I would give anything for a good sleep.

My Wishlist

  1. Good health and happiness to all my loved ones.
  2. To get into the specialty training program of my choice.
  3. Volunteer in a developing country.
  4. Learn to scuba dive.
  5. Travel around the world. Places that I really would like to visit are (in no particular order): Prague (and probably everywhere else in Europe), Vietnam, Laos, Boracay, Maldives, Nepal, India, US.
  6. Get a dog, preferably a Golden Retriever, a black/brown Labrador, or a Cocker Spaniel.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope that there was something here that was a worthy read! :)


  1. Hi xiaow3i, we are looking for accomodation in melbourne. Where do u thing is convenient for monash medical students to stay? Near medical school plus near supermkts? Sorry to disturb u but hope to hear some inputs from you. Will really appreciate it n God bless you

  2. Hi xiaow3i,

    please excuse this unsolicited comment.

    Along with some other doctors I recently started a medical blogging network called medbrains. medbrains gives people the chance to participate in a community with other medical bloggers and have much more interaction and discussion with med students and doctors than is possible with a generic blog host.

    We get about 1500 doctors/students everyday reading & adding medical related articles and if you look you’ll notice that almost all blog posts receive lots of comments from interested readers.

    I just noticed your blog and it’s really, really, really good. As it has a strong medical theme (your journey through med school) I’d like to ask you to consider moving it to medbrains, where it would be of great interest to our users.

    If you’re worried about moving, don’t be, we can do the transfer for you so it’s totally safe and with zero hassle. Also as we use a WordPress blog engine you won’t have any trouble getting settled in.

    Please come to the site to have a look around (http://medbrains.net) and let me know what you think.

    Thanks & all the best,

  3. Hi xiaow3i, do drop by to http://www.voguestreets.com/ to have a look at our exquisite apparels handpicked from several of the top fashion capitals of Asia, namely Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and Bangkok. For international shoppers, we accept payment through PayPal and will be using the PayPal Email Payments for a quick and secure way to request payment from our customers and accept credit card, bank and PayPal payments online. And i feel that your blog is really good. Keep it up! I would love to visit Melbourne soon :)

  4. Hi, what a interesting blog you have. I am studying med in UNSW too. I have been to Japan last week too, and I happen to stumble upon ur blog and saw ur photos u took in Japan. awesome pics. Not sure if you visited Shinsaibashi shopping district in Osaka, shop till you drop :)

    • Hey Clement! Yeah I visited Osaka and Kobe too, just that I’ve been up in Queensland for the past week, so have yet to complete my blog posts :) Hope you had a great time in Japan too!

  5. Hi Jasmine, I am a year 3 medical student really interested in heading to Africa for medical electives. I read about your case study entry on worktheworld and I really admired your spirit and determination in going there alone. I would appreciate it if you could contact me at my email to give me more details…

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